What is the purpose for your personal loan?

Purchase a new or used vehicle^ Refinance or consolidate your debts Other worthwhile purpose
Refinance your current vehicle loan for a better deal or consolidate your debts into one easy repayment A secured loan to renovate your home, go travelling or any other worthwhile purpose
Loan security
Loan security Your current vehicle^# Your current vehicle^#
Pre-approvals Within 7 working hours* Within 7 working hours*
Loan amount
Loan amount $8k - $100k $8k - $100k
Loan term
Loan term 3 - 7 years 3 - 7 years
Establishment fee
Establishment fee $255 member, $355 non-member $255 member, $355 non-member
Ongoing fees
Ongoing fees None None
Early Repayment fees
Early Repayment fees $225 in the first 2 years $225 in the first 2 years
Extra payments without a fee
Extra payments without a fee Yes Yes
Repayments Fixed fortnightly or monthly Fixed fortnightly or monthly repayments
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